“Highly kinetic, complex… visually exquisite,” and “beautifully performed.” – The New York Times, May 13, 2011, Roslyn Sulcas

Catherine Cabeen is an inter-disciplinary collaborative artist and teacher whose work investigates the way human movement reflects and informs cultural priorities. Her disciplines range from visual art history to feminist theory to the vast array of new body science.

In 2009 Cabeen created project-based performance company, Hyphen, to bring together interdisciplinary expertise and engage multiple bodies as intersections for ideas with the belief that embodied research is an important counter-force to the increasingly disembodied society we live in. Cabeen creates dance-centric work with and for others, to help them remember the joy, wisdom, and wonder that emerges from a kinesthetic engagement with life.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Leece Vukel