Carolyn Lambert develops text-based performances and scores for collective actions about contemporary economic conditions, environmental anxiety, and personal histories. Recent projects have included bringing 35 people on a tour of Mars via the marshes of New Jersey, recording the stories of fishermen and water-skiers on the Ohio River, and a gallery installation which recreated the take-over of her studio by potato plants. Her work has been presented at the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, Eyebeam, and Exit Art, both in New York. She received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon in 2005 and has been awarded grants from the Ford Motor Company, National Wildlife Federation, and the Steinbrenner Institute. She is based in New York City.

Siobhan Rigg explores the reciprocal ways that people and environments shape each other. Her work is motivated by a curiosity about the social and environmental history of particular sites and stories. Through planned actions, dialogue and performance, she investigates sites and subjects of friction, exploring the complex of stories that are unfolding in the present moment. Recent work has been presented with the Flux Factory, New York, WPA/Corcoran, and Provisions Library, both in Washington, DC. She received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon in 2005 and is a 2009 recipient of the Washington, DC Arts and Humanities Council artist grant. She is based in Washington, DC.

After a year-long series of projects engaging with and reflecting on how the changing seascape of the melting Arctic is affecting global trade, Lambert and Rigg will be reflecting on the materials and writings they have collected during their residency at Governors Island. They will develop new work as an outgrowth of these collaborative projects and in response to the harbor island setting.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist