“While its theatrical bent is a constant, Cantata Profana’s approach to the repertory is admirably varied and indefinable. It’s devoted not to new or modern or early music…but to most anything, so long as the mixture is put together thoughtfully and put across persuasively.” – New York Times, April 2015, Zachary Woolfe.

Cantata Profana is a chamber ensemble that champions lesser-known masterpieces on the fringes of the classical canon. As curators of this unusual repertoire, the ensemble provides these hidden gems with an opportunity to shine by combining virtuosity with innovative staging, lighting, and design.

Spanning seventeenth-century works on period instruments to twentieth-century works with unusual instrumentations, their unique programming revels in exploring different centuries and continents. Each concert crafts a narrative and tells a story that guides listeners on an adventure through music history. Cantata Profana presents four mainstage productions alongside a series of intimate spotlight performances.

Although the ensemble welcomes guest artists and collaborators, a dedicated core group of eight performers and a resident director work together artistically and administratively to envision and actualize each production. Performances include Tancredi, a collections of Italian works from Caccini to Dallapiccola (2016); Akrostichon Wortspiel by Unsuk Chin’s (2016); and a world premiere of composer Matt Welch’s Dhammapada Cantata (2016).



Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist