“The resulting gestalt experience of a Buran performance is something wholly new, eliciting singular impressions and raw emotions that would have surely been inaccessible to mere words.” – Surreal Time Press, May 2015, Mitch Montgomery

Buran Theatre is a New York-based ensemble of disparate multidisciplinary and intergenerational artists who joyfully and anarchically reconfigure process, narrative, form, production, gender, and genre to create ambitious theatre productions. Since 2007, playwright and arts administrator Adam R. Burnett has been the Artistic Director of Buran Theatre.

With each production, the Theatre creates a space where audiences are energetically released from the performance with vivid imagery and language. The Buran Theatre’s shows include Money Buckets!, a Marx Brothers show that never existed; The House of Fitzcarraldo; Nightmares: A Demonstration of the Sublime; Magic Bullets; and Mammoth: A De-Extiction Love Story. Each work premieres in New York City and tours to communities throughout the U.S., where it is remade and recast. For every production, Buran engages a curated visual arts component exhibited either online or at the theater. Their works have been presented in New York City at The Brick, The Bushwick Starr, Chashama, Dixon Place, Exit Art, HB Studio, Incubator Arts Project, and The Silent Barn. Burnett received a degree in Theatre and Creative Writing from the University of Kansas.