“Bullerengue originated on the Caribbean Colombian coast of Colombia. The music has deep African roots, it consists mostly of drummers and female singers and possesses a mesmerizing, trance-like quality.” – Pioneer Works, July 12, 2015

Bulla en Barrio is a New York-based collective established to create a space for the practice and learning of Bullerengue, a traditional form of music and dance from the Colombian Caribbean region. The collective’s goals are to teach communities the traditional cultural and artistic practice of Bullerengue, to harvest communal spaces for people to meet and exchange culturally, and to encourage individuals to pursue and strengthen their own artistic and social talents and skills. Bulla En El Barrio has performed at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY; Corona Plaza, in collaboration with Queens Museum, Queens, NY; Terraza 7 Bar, Queens, NY; and as resident artists at Barbes Bar, Brooklyn, NY. Bulla En El Barrio has also been invited to perform for the Little Sisters, New York, NY. Bulla En El Barrio’s lead singer, Carolina Oliveros, was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 2006, she studied Music in Atlantico University, specializing in opera singing and choir. Since then, Oliveros has recorded with musicians and producers to create jingles and vocal backgrounds, and been lead singer of the group Agua e Yuyo. Oliveros has won traditional music contests of the Colombian Caribbean region such as Gaita Festival in Ovejas, Sucre; National Bullerengue Festival in Puerto Escondido, Córdoba; and the Maria La Baja Bullerengue Festival in Bolívar. Currently Oliveros lives in New York City where she initiated Bulla En El Barrio and her band La Banda De La Nacin.