Hold My Hand And We’re Halfway There
conceived and performed by Brian Lobel

@Seaport / 210 Front Street

Dates & Times:
– Wednesday, September 9, 9am-5pm
– Thursday September 10, 9am-5pm
– Friday, September 11, 9am-5pm
– Saturday, September 12, 9am-5pm
– Sunday, September 13, 9am-5pm

Because the performance is durational, audience members can come and go at any time and stay for as long as they choose.

Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There, an interactive performance installation, uses four televisions, 12 headsets, a sturdy bed and 100 classic musicals to explore issues of isolation, community, secret pleasures and the age-old question, When are you alone? And when are you lonely?

Every day from 9am-5pm for 5 days — the equivalent of a 40 hour work week— Brian Lobel will dance non-stop in his bedroom, inviting any and all passersby to join him, to dance with him, to watch a musical film of their choice or to simply stand inside and watch. Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There links Depression-era Dance Marathons, where contestants danced until they dropped in pursuit of fame and fortune, to young boys dancing in their bedroom after school, where they too dance until they drop, often hoping for fame and fortune. The piece is both fun and frightening, exhausting and exhilarating and a reflection on loneliness, labor, and labors of love. Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There reminds us that, even in these frightening economic times, the best things in life are still free.