Born Dancing, Inc.’s mission is to produce inclusive, professional quality dance performances and dance education programs that provide Students With Disabilities (SWD) in underserved NYC public schools with performance and production experiences, apprenticeships, and internships in performing arts production to facilitate employment of people with disabilities.

Born Dancing, Inc. grew out of director Melissa van Wijk’s experience as both a professional dancer/choreographer and special educator. Following a pilot program in 2014, Born Dancing implemented its first full dance education programs in 2015 at Elementary PS153 and High School 75X721 in the Bronx.

Born Dancing, Inc.’s education programs offer SWD (2nd-12th Grade) dance classes that transition into rehearsals for performances. High School SWD may choose to study other elements of dance production and become an integral part of the production process by collaborating with working theater professionals as apprentices. These production aspects include costume design, lighting design, box office, videography, and stage management.
Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Born Dancing, Inc.