“[Bernard] Winter took it upon himself to sketch each of the with the help of a pad of paper, a good conversation, and an engaged ear. Winter captured not just their image, but their thoughts, reflections, and memories through the lead lines of a sketch and the swift detailed strokes of his brush creating the collection “Listen, Look and Be.” – Manhattan Times, March 30, 2011, Gloria Pazmino

Bernard Winter is a New York-based artist and a resident of Washington Heights. His work is concerned chiefly with portraiture, landscape and with images based on spiritual themes. Working from observation and on site as well as his imagination, Winter employs a wide variety of mediums, usually pencil drawings, and gouache, oil pastels, acrylic paint and ink on paper and board. His solo exhibitions include: The Energy Series, Journey Space Healing Center, New York (2014); The Painted Psalms, Isabella Geriatric Center, NYC (2014); Portraits in Prayer, Pendle Hill Artist’s Studio Gallery, Wallingford, PA (2012). His group exhibitions include Uptownscapes, NOMAA Gallery, NYC (2013); Artist of Six, Pleiades Gallery, NYC (2011).
He has been the recipient of two grants from NOMAA (2013, 2010) as well as two artist “sojourner’ scholarships from Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center outside of Philadelphia (2012, 2006). He received a B.F.A. from the Cooper Union (1980) and an M.F.A. at Queens College (1982).

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist