“BALLROOM BASIX is essential to the young people of this country. Your teaching artists respect and provide all of the values that govern the essential courtesies that should exist between male and female students, doing so in a timely way, early on in their lives. It teaches our young boys to think of themselves as “gentlemen” and our girls as “ladies,” inculcating a positive sense of self in each and every one of our student participants. these concepts greatly reduce, I believe, the urge to bully others. Finally, the non-emphasis on ballroom competition makes the encounters in our classrooms FUN!…with little to no pressure born out of a desperation to “win.” Thank you, BALLROOM BASIX, for bringing these values to our schoolchildren each and every week.” – Ron Rivera, Principal, Middle Village Preparatory Charter School, Queens, NY

BALLROOM BASIX is a New York-based noncompetitive arts-in-education initiative committed to the enrichment of social and fitness skills through the fundamentals of Ballroom and Latin dancing by reinforcing the etiquette that is inherent in partner dancing. Fundamentally inclusive, the initiative provides a context for physical cooperation and instills acceptance of others through partner dancing. On a community level, this can have a transformative impact as one of the fundamental ways to strengthen disadvantaged communities is by affirming culture and expressive human interactions in those communities. As all participants dance rotationally and respectfully with one another, improved interaction is guaranteed.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of BALLROOM BASIX