((audience)) is a traveling international festival of 5.1 surround sound art presented in movie theaters as “cinema in the dark.” It is dedicated to the advancement of aural arts by providing wide distribution and new contexts for works by emerging and established sound artists and composers. For our first decade ((audience)) will focus on the cinema as a technical and distributive platform, organizing a biennial nomadic art festival in partnership with select arts organizations worldwide.

((audience)) is an unprecedented project that explores the cinema as a 21st century concert hall. Currently, sound artists often must “perform” what are essentially multi-track recordings, interpreting the playback of their compositions to account for technical and acoustic variations in different sites. ((audience)) bypasses this problem by considering the cinema-hall as a standard technical and acoustic platform and site. The centerpiece of ((audience)) is a 2 1/2 hour program of sound art by seven international artists. Conceived in 2006, ((audience)) will premiere this year in Syracuse, NY and New York City and will travel internationally through 2010 to cities across California; in Minneapolis, MN; Providence, RI; Toronto and Montreal, Canada; Beirut, Lebanon; Stockholm, Sweden and Berlin, Germany. Curatorial lectures, performances, artist presentations and exhibitions will coincide with screenings on a city-to-city basis.

During their Swing Space term, ((audience)) is basing its temporary headquarters at 125 Maiden Lane to coordinate its premiere festival in Syracuse, NY at the Red House Arts Center. They will be establishing an archive, organizing future festivals and screenings in the US and in Delhi, India, and hosting occasional events at 125 Maiden Lane including Sound Off, a periodic open studio / salon / mixer, and Speakers, a forthcoming radio program of recorded roundtable discussions.