“…Their works, involve the many topographies of embedded contextualizations, engage the idea of the transnational and its underpinnings of agency while continuously thinking through borders both physically and psychically.” – Approaching the Infinite Narrative, Feb 2014, Alexandra Chang

Tomato Grey, where Annysa Ng serves as Director, is comprised of Hong Kong-artists across disciplines, with a devotion to foster cultural exchange and mutual appreciation between practitioners of arts in Hong Kong and New York. By virtue of the group’s geographic specificity, the artists contribute to the budding of a Hong Kong artistic voice and encourage artistic exchange between these cities. In 2010, Tomato Grey mounted its inaugural Hong Kong art exhibition in New York at White Box. Building upon the success of its inaugural exhibition, the group mounted a second exhibition entitled No Trans-national: Fluid Border, Empty Promises, which signified a desire to engage with the issue of Hong Kong identity in a trans-national context in a more rigorous, intellectually critical manner.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Samson Young Courtesy Galerie Gielsa Capitain