“She’s (Annabella Gonzalez) a National Treasure” – Attitude, 2005, Bernardine Jennings

Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater is a New York-based dance company that seeks to serve their varied community by reaching individuals of all ages, social conditions and ethnicities, especially under-served communities traditionally affected by disenfranchisement, racism and exclusion (e.g., El Barrio, Harlem). Some 80% of the Hispanic and African American populations they serve are public school students, library attendees, senior citizens and homeless populations.

They receive yearly support from DCA, Harkness Foundation for Dance, Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, among others, have achieved critical acclaim in major papers including The Times and performed in noted festivals and venues including Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Since 1976 we have offered yearly Spring Series, concerts and lecture demonstrations with abstract, theatrical and comedic work, classical music of the past and present, Latin rhythms, good dancers and guest artists.

Their current programs include full-length concerts, bilingual English/Spanish Lecture demonstrations, classes and residencies with works ranging from modern to Mexican inspired dance, not excluding comedies and satires.