“Though it’s largely autobiographical, it feels bigger: the story of anyone who has chosen one path and switched to another, anyone nomadic, anyone about whom the question “What is she up to these days?” has been asked. In other words, most of us.” – The New York Times, 2014, Siobhan Burke

Andrea Kleine is a New York-based performer and choreographer. Her work investigates the performativity or theatricality of the process of creating something to be performed and wrestles with the relevance of her own art-making, with the futility of art in such a destructive world, in such a country, and her own complicity with all of it. She asks, do the aesthetics of activism demand conformity? Why does dance often seem politically averse? And yet, is dance, by its nature, a political act? Kleine’s work includes Screening Room, or, The Return of Andrea Kleine, The Chocolate Factory (2014), a piece where Kleine was confronted with her own absence, disappearance, and negation.
Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist