Amy has over 15 years of art gallery experience working with such prestigious galleries as David Zwirner, David Kordansky Gallery, and Overduin & Kite. Having earned her M.B.A. from the University of Texas in Accounting, Davila worked as an international consultant for Ernst & Young LLP in Houston and San Francisco before entering the art world. In 2009 Davila founded her own consultancy business, ArtSmart, Inc., working as a financial advisor and business manager for artists and contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles and New York. Davila also designed and created the ArtSmart application, a cloud based inventory management tool for artists and galleries. Davila provides business strategy solutions, financial and career consulting, and infrastructure organization. She works with artists at varying stages of their careers and varying degrees of success as well as gallery owners to strategize about business goals, analyze budgets, and manage relationships with banks, accountants, and lawyers.