“All the actors successfully captured the essence and the simplicity of the human persona. Instead of coming across as characters on the stage, they came across as people that were living out their stories (…) There were some incredibly beautiful moments in the play that gave me a new perspective on life, and in my book, that is good theatre.” – Hear the People Sing, January 2014, Stacy Karyn.

“Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie, a mood piece inspired by the writings of Federico García Lorca, features scenes in Spanish and English, but nothing said in either language makes as much of an impact as the quiet images in this impressionistic show. One scene portrays a bizarre, ominous party out of “Eyes Wide Shut,” from the perspective of a solitary blindfolded figure pushed around a room. In another theatrical flourish, a performer (Carlos Renedo) hanging on to a wide ribbon does a daredevil drop from the ceiling, his support stopping him just about a foot before he would hit the floor. These wordless scenes, mounted by the AENY-El Puente company, at the Duke on 42nd Street, evoke the peculiar disorientation and loneliness of navigating a new city.” – New York Times, December 11, 2011, Jason Zinoman

AENY Spanish Artists in New York, Inc. is a New York-based non-profit organization established in 2010 to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and build a cultural bridge between Spain and the United States. AENY aims to bring together artists in all disciplines to examine the overlaps, collisions, similarities and differences between Spain’s tradition and modern New York culture, and to create a mutually enriching artistic dialog between the two countries. Their productions include Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie, The Duke on 42nd Street Theater, New York, NY (2011) and Dias Estupendos, New York, NY (2014). Their awards include Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast, HOLA Awards for Excellence in Theater (2014). Their other programs include a staged reading series, Play Loud! (2013) and Main Stage (2014).

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of AENY