Abya Yala Arte y Cultura is a New York-based cultural organization whose mission is to present, promote and celebrate the cultural identity of the native communities of Peru, focusing on the Andean region and the diffusion of its living, thriving culture. Using art as a catalyst, AbyaYala’s programs help foster cultural exchange and affirm the power of art to transcend issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender and age. Since 2002, AbyaYala Arte y Cultura, a New York-based 501(c)(3) cultural organization, has presented diverse art projects that maintain Andean cultural expressions and promote cultural awareness. Their programs are community grounded, intergenerational, inclusive, multidisciplinary and led by professional artists.

They include: educational and artistic workshops, art exhibits, community forums, theatrical representations, and culinary and art festivals. Special emphasis is always placed on the quality of the artistic expressions and the historical and cultural accuracy of the information presented. An important objective is to increase appreciation and knowledge of traditional Andean art and culture through a deep exploration of authentic millenary traditions, while embracing contemporary artists and their aspirations to grow and re-interpret their cultural knowledge. Their programs involve working collaboratively with other organizations and the community at large, establishing artistic partnerships and convening artists of all genres to nurture shared values and address issues of diversity through the arts.