The original Vbar opened with one employee on Sullivan St in 2000 as a daytime café and a nighttime wine bar, and quickly became a Greenwich Village favorite – a coffee shop/living room/makeshift office/bar to many in the community, capturing NYC’s dynamic and yet familiar, welcoming nature. Years later, and with new locations in some of the most quintessential neighborhoods in New York, Vbar & Company has made it a mission to be an integral part of these communities, and to contribute to their diversity and growth. We believe that supporting arts and education at a local level is a great component of our vision. So we have a history of partnering with and supporting amazing nonprofit institutions throughout the city.

Our latest venue, Vbar Seaport, recently opened on the corner of Front and Beekman, at the heart of the historic South Street Seaport, one of New York’s oldest and most charming neighborhoods. Our community there has fought hard to come back from the devastation of Sandy in 2013, and we are proud to continue to advocate for growth, resiliency, and increased programming of public spaces.

LMCC is a leader in empowering artists by providing them with networks, resources and support to create vibrant and sustainable communities. So, our choice to support them was a natural one: we both recognize the power of community-building. We are very excited to sponsor the 2016 River To River Festival, as it brings more life to our neighborhood and molds its streets into eclectic, thought-provoking art shows.