“Take in boundary-pushing creative work against the backdrop of Downtown’s waterfront.”

The Downtown Express showed their excitement for the 15th Annual Festival and spoke to some of the artists about their work. Please read, enjoy, and share this wonderful feature and then join us for more River To River (continuing through Sunday, June 26!)

“Every performance of ‘Krai’ is really special, and it’s sort of an honor to have the resources to put it on…I’m excited to play the piece outdoors; I’ve never done that before. A lot of ‘Krai’ is sort of a love song to the natural world, of these nine regions in Russia, so that will be cool,” she commented, describing how she explored those places via Google Maps and researched their folk traditions in preparation for the album. “And the fact that the concert is free and open to the public is awesome, because there’s literally no barrier to entry.” – Olga Bell

“I set out for the piece in my own process of losing a loved one, and it was very gratifying to have audience members find that work useful for them individually,” Kaneza Schaal said. “I hope that audience members get to consider how we individually and collectively process death.”

On Riff this, Riff that Ephrat Asherie says, “I feel very strongly like this kind of piece is something that represents very much ‘Only in New York.’ Like, ‘Oh yes, this is what this place is about.’