River To River is “one of the perks of sticking around NYC in the summer.”

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The New Yorker highlights (again!) R2R as a not-to-miss event this summer for residents of and visitors to NYC.

The generous spread, offered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, is one of the perks of sticking around—or coming to visit—New York in the summer. All performances are free, and most are held outdoors, in a variety of spaces south of Chambers Street and on Governors Island. This week, there’s an exhibit devoted to the pioneering postmodernist Trisha Brown, and, for the first time since 1972, Eiko, of the venerable and slow-moving duo Eiko and Koma, performs with someone other than Koma: the much younger Tomoe Aihara. Tere O’Connor, a choreographer with a strong understanding of architecture, premières a site-specific piece for the always striking Silas Riener and Michael Ingle. Souleymane Badolo, an extraordinary dancer from Burkina Faso, offers a solo. The B-girl Ephrat Asherie does variations on the Hustle in a new feature of the festival: performances at night.


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