The Reviews are In! River to River 2017 Highlights in the Press

Featured image: “A Marvelous Order”, River to River 2017. Photo credit: Darial Sneed

“They stood on a high balcony, looking over the upturned faces of the audience below. As commuters filtered through, looks of awe breaking over their faces at the music soaring above them, the crowd that had formed in anticipation of the performance almost became a part of it. They smiled at the newcomers as if sharing a secret: Look at the surprises the city can hold.”

Nothing encapsulates the experience that LMCC hopes to bring to audiences in Lower Manhattan than this excerpt from Forwards review of A Marvelous Order. Reviews and highlights from The New York Times, The Atlantic, WNYC, WBGO, Live Music NYC, Dancelog, The Bowery Boys and more are buzzing with excitement over what River to River 2017 has to offer. The New York Times says “the festival plants existing work in unexpected contexts and commissions new site-specific pieces. Even if it weren’t free (it is), the lineup would still be enticing”. Stay tuned through June 25th, because there is more to come of River to River 2017’s enticing lineup, and the surprises this city can hold.  


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