The New York Times is talking about (and loving) #R2R16

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Reviews: A Wild Ride and a Nomadic Journey at River to River Festival

“Riff this” shows Ms. Asherie’s entrancing qualities as a dancer: She is both tough and supple. But Ms. Asherie has much more room to riff on her ideas about tradition in dance; in its current form, the piece, just 25 minutes, feels like a beginning, not an ending. As problems go, that’s a good one.”
“Swerving among dance, storytelling and music-making — the instruments included a laptop, a guitar, a tuning fork and a stainless-steel bowl — it stirs up questions about authenticity, racial identity and cultural appropriation that evade easy answers.”

Review: A Dance Heginbotham Deserving of the Hype

“…on Friday at Brookfield Place, where he offered a free program presented by Arts Brookfield and the River to River Festival, the company looked — and sounded — entirely deserving of the hype.”

Review: ‘ChimaTEK’ Offers Crystal Visions at a Transit Hub

“With all public art, the real test is making an audience out of those most elusive beings: passers-by. On Thursday night at the Fulton Center, the challenge was even greater — to delay the subway ride home. One transfixed man in the crowd was filming the scene when he received a call. “I’m going to hit the train in a minute,” he told the person on the other end, “but I’ve gotten caught up with some interpretive dance.””

Dance: Apathy, Loneliness and Jazzy Hip-Hop

“As downtown theaters start their summer vacations, take it as a sign: It’s time to go outside. Beginning on Thursday, June 16, the River To River Festival gracing the nooks and crannies of Lower Manhattan as well as Governors Island, hosts some of the city’s most rewarding dance offerings. And they’re free.”