A few more chances to see our 2014 Gallery Exhibit

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With a few September weekends ahead of us before Governors Island closes for the season, our friends at The New Yorker recommend a visit to the LMCC Arts Center to check out our 2014 exhibition, Trisha Brown: Embodied Practice and Site Specificity, open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between now and September 28.

This greatest-hits trot through the choreographer’s early career documents dances staged in public spaces and galleries: a performer rappelling down the façade of a building; acrobats traversing a rope web; the counterbalancing couples in “Leaning Duets,” hands grasped and bodies positioned in unsettled V-formations. “Roof Piece,” from 1971, is evoked in Babette Mangolte’s indispensable color film, as well as in a poster mapping the SoHo buildings on top of which Brown’s dancers performed, starting at Prince and West Broadway and stretching to Church and White. Brown’s diehard fans won’t find much that’s new here, but there’s one special pleasure: a re-creation of “The Stream,” from 1970, which lets visitors traverse a twenty-four-foot-long wooden gauntlet lined with water-filled pots and pans.

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