More R2R Love in The New York Times!

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As usual, The New York Times does not only provides you with the best summer to-do list but also the best interviews. Want to have some insider view into the making of two major performances of our festival? Check out the article below for interviews with Twyla Tharp and Eiko Otake on their pieces!

Twyla Tharp

Q. Why did you make this dance?
A. I’m on a farm, and it’s all of this greatness of nature, and I’m going, oh my goodness, what depth of creativity is going on here? Of course, it’s God’s handiwork, but never mind. I say, I only wish I could do something. You can, you can! You can do 100 11-second segments of movement and put them up simultaneously, and you will have something massively complex and rich.

Eiko Otake

Q. What does Fulton Center mean to you?
A. I can’t just think about it like a New York City train station. This is Fulton Street at Broadway. You can’t quite see the new tower directly from this side of the building, but you can see St. Paul’s Chapel, which is where the rescue workers were. I don’t want to be all the trauma of the world, but it feels dishonest if I don’t feel the connection to that 9/11 site. One thing I was thinking about was how to situate my body in the neighborhood rather than just the station.

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