Interview with Sam Miller: On River To River, Cultural International Exchanges, and more

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Earlier this June, Sam Miller, president of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, had a conversation with Nicole Birmann Bloom, Program Officer, Dance and Theater at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. Though brief, the interview is a great feed not only for R2R fans but also French culture lovers.

N.B.B.: Could you describe these exchanges with France, their place in the mission of LMCC, and potential plans for other international relationships?

S.M.: In my work over the last 25 years, at Jacob’s Pillow, NEFA, and now LMCC, I have been committed to multi-year, reciprocal relationships between choreographers from the US and other countries with a consistent emphasis on an exchange between artists from France and the US.

LMCC is, in many ways, ideally suited to deepen and advance these exchanges. Our combination of artist residencies and public engagement programs allows us to facilitate an exchange of ideas, a sharing of creative process, and the presentation of finished work. This kind of layered dialogue, both artist-to-artist and artist-to-audience is central to our mission. We hope that our work with artists including both Emmanuelle Huynh and Emmanuelle Vo Dinh and other partners in France including the Mairie de Paris, and our festival colleague Frederic Bonnemaison at Entre Cour et Jardins will serve as examples for ongoing work with France and with other strategic international partners.

Read full interview here.

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