Gia and Sam discuss Dance, River To River, and more

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In a juicy, “set-aside-some-quality-reading-time-kind-of-Q&A,” LMCC president, Sam Miller, sat down with Gia Kourlas to discuss all things Dance + River To River + LMCC.

Dance artists seeking nontraditional spaces have a history in New York City, and no one has done more to fulfill that need—at least on Governors Island and in lower Manhattan—than Sam Miller. As the esteemed president of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Miller masterminds the River To River Festival, which brings sophisticated dance to atypical venues. But these aren’t just one-off affairs; part of the point of the festival is to provide choreographers and groups—including Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey, the Trisha Brown Dance Company, Eiko, Maria Hassabi and Reggie Wilson—opportunities to expand their theatrical experiences. In showing new versions of past productions, the art deepens. It’s reciprocal for audiences too. What is the role of River to River in a changing downtown? Miller spoke about the role artists can play.

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