Eiko and Trisha Brown at the River To River Festival

The New York Times, in their week ahead in dance, gives a beautiful nod to two choreographers who are sharing their work as part of this year’s festival.

The River To River Festival, presented by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, gets better every year, and this summer, two female choreographers — both integral to postmodern dance in New York — make the lineup even brighter. Eiko, the extraordinary Japanese dancer revered for her haunting collaborations with Koma, her usual male counterpart, shakes up her creative process in “Two Women,” a new duet featuring the young Japanese dancer Tomoe Aihara.

And the Trisha Brown Dance Company, celebrating a new partnership with the festival, unveils “Trisha Brown: Embodied Practice and Site-Specificity,” an exhibition conceived by the cultural council’s president, Sam Miller, that focuses on Ms. Brown’s early career as well as the art scene in 1970s New York. Along with a conversation led by the art historian Susan Rosenberg, the season features a performance of Ms. Brown’s 2011 “I’m Going to Toss My Arms — If You Catch Them They’re Yours,” recontextualized for Pier 15. If you haven’t seen a dance performance with the East River as a backdrop, now’s your chance. It’s breathtaking.

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