LMCC’s public engagement initiatives demonstrate the role artists play in our communities by connecting you to creative practices, ideas, art forms, and other audience members seeking similar experiences. Through the presentation and commissioning of performances, talks, exhibitions, studio visits, open rehearsals, readings, and participatory events across Lower Manhattan, LMCC aims to inspire the public to think critically about the world around them and increase the attachment that participants feel toward the place where the activity is taking place as well as to their fellow attendees. For audiences of one to crowds of 1,000 made up of individuals with a wide-range of interests and experience with the arts, LMCC’s Open StudiosRiver To RiverArts East River Waterfront, and Arts Center at Governors Island initiatives all shine a light on neighborhoods where artists are working.

We aim to stoke the cultural life of the city by celebrating and contextualizing the work of artists who have pushed our communities forward, and helped us imagine a more sustainable future. These LMCC public engagement initiatives also afford the artists in our programs with opportunities to showcase work, engage public in feedback and discussion, and develop their own audiences.

The combination of LMCC’s investment in individual artists and small arts groups, our robust network of partners, and our integrated approach to fostering local neighborhood efforts, aims to spark public imagination as well as inspire personal attachment and investment in NYC’s communities. We believe that when artists receive support from both the public and private sectors, they can catalyze social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and economic vitality in the communities where they live and work. Therefore, LMCC invites individual artists and organizations to participate in our suite of programs so that they may connect with peers and industry leaders, advance their creative practice, develop specific projects, and acquire a set of financial planning and business strategies to carry with them into the future.


 Jesse Bonnell (@jesse_bonnell) started to work on his new show titled, Group Therapy, during his Workspace (2015-16) residency at LMCC. This work has been commissioned by CAP UCLA and will premiere January 11 - 13, 2018 at UCLA. In 1968, the groundbreaking documentary Journey into Self revealed eight strangers as they underwent therapy in an attempt to “to discover the secret of being together,” during a time of civil unrest and American consciousness raising. Nearly four decades later, L.A.’s celebrated theater ensemble Poor Dog Group confronts Group Therapy, a new work of documentary theater that mirrors that film’s voyeuristic lens and delves into 16 hours of the Group’s actual transcribed therapy with a licensed professional. After more than a decade of creating theater together, the members of Poor Dog Group amplify their self-interrogation into an uncensored—sometimes funny, sometimes poignant—work of live art. Through chance operations, each performance of Group Therapy originates in a past encounter, then quickly spins into spontaneous reflections, real-time re-recordings and cinematic gestures. As the company members process their divorces, dependencies, privileges and vulnerabilities, they create a portrait of a generation’s hustle and, above all, what it is like to endure. #workspace #lmcc #throwbackthursday #tbt
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