River To River Festival

Cori Olinghouse, GRANDMA, 2017. Photo by Scott Shaw.
Cori Olinghouse, GRANDMA, 2017. Photo by Scott Shaw.

LMCC presents the 17th annual River To River Festival, Downtown New York City’s completely free summer arts festival, June 1524. The 2018 edition celebrates New York City’s historic and geographic breadth, while looking to the future of the city in its multiplicity of voices and perspectives. River To River presents an array of performances and events exploring and celebrating diversity in all its forms—often blurring the lines between genres including dance, music, theater and the visual arts—over 10 days at over 40 unique sites, institutions, and venues across Lower Manhattan.

“I am thrilled that River To River will once again bring together people of different generations and backgrounds to experience free public art in iconic spaces throughout Lower Manhattan,” remarks Diego Segalini, LMCC’s Executive Director, Finance & Administration. “Notably, this year’s Festival will bring participatory performances to the Lower East Side, an area where we have increased our activity in recent years to make art accessible to all.”

“The River To River Festival transforms the landscape of Lower Manhattan and works with artists and communities to explore lesser known pasts, presents and futures of our neighborhoods,” says Danielle King, LMCC’s Director of Cultural Programs and curator of the Festival. “I’m thrilled to be presenting artists who are alumnae of LMCC’s artist empowerment programs, whose practices have been influenced by working in Lower Manhattan and whose ideas and perspectives shift our understanding of site, history and each other.”

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