Sun, May 28 from 2:30-3:30pm

The Arts Center At Governors Island

Six years ago, Wally Cardona & Jennifer Lacey began to invest in “unknowing” – distancing themselves from their own codes and beliefs, rooted in contemporary dance practice – working with non-dance experts (including an astrophysicist, sommelier, social activist, architect and medical supply salesman) to create TOOL IS LOOT, a work formed through aesthetic propositions that persisted because of their foreignness. Currently, they are continuing this discussing/doing/dancing – around context, meaning, value and need – with seven masters of various dance forms including Manadalay-style Burmese, French Baroque, Kutiyattam and Javanese refined.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Darial Sneed

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Wally Cardona is a participant in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Extended Life Dance Development program made possible in part by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.