May 27 – September 24

Fort Jay Theater Exterior on Governors Island


In addition to a solo exhibition in the gallery at The Arts Center at Governors Island, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council hosts a public art installation by artist, educator, and writer Kameelah Janan Rasheed. Rasheed’s If/Then (2014-present) and Questions (2017) will be installed on the façade of the historic Fort Jay Theater on Governors Island using the existing poster cases and original marquee board.


Taking advantage of a space that would have typically advertised live entertainment and movies from 1939-1996 to U.S. military and their families living and working on Governors Island, Rasheed’s new project Questions and the ongoing If/Then both aim to create a different kind of moment of pause for a viewer: to consider an existential question or to process the association of poignant, two-word alliterative phrases, all composed by the artist.

On a biweekly cycle, the posters in the cases and the text in the marquee board will be changed by Rasheed. The marquee board will feature a new question concerning a contemporary context. The posters will feature alliterative word pairings, each of which contain a multiplicity of meanings. Each change will be documented via Instagram. The final images of the marquee board will be compiled into a small zine made available at the close of the show.The installation’s first question is, “Are we there yet?”

Organized by Melissa Levin

If/Then and Questions are open every day, May 27–September 24, during all Governors Island opening hours.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist

The gallery exhibition by Kameelah Janan Rasheed is supported in part by Art Matters.

Promotion for LMCC’s gallery at the Arts Center Gallery at Governors Island is provided by WABC-TV.