Ying Liu is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist born and raised in a small island named Zhoushan in the Eastern China Sea.

Her evening-length, hybridized works often utilize consumer technology such as VR, GoPro and GPS, and fuse mediums including theater, dance, video, and performance art. New York’s Emily Harvey Foundation has presented her projects in numerous solo showings including Don’t Be Shy, Man! – a hybrid show inspired by Stuart Sherman’s poetry (2014), and evening-length dance performance Now We Start from the Arm (2016). In summer 2017, she staged HANG OUT, a site-specific, three-episode play in Manhattan Chinatown’s Sara D. Roosevelt Park. MAKE A FOUNTAIN, an extensive, 302-page catalog accompanying and documenting those performances, was released in April 2018.

LMCC Workspace is her first residency.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist



Crowd during a performative, consent driven VR WRESTLE, foregrounded by SKELETON HOUSES built by kids from the Park. (HANG OUT Episode 3)