Jillian McDonald, Arts Center Residency 2019

Jillian McDonald

Jillian McDonald is a Brooklyn-based artist born in Canada. Her videos, performances, drawings and new media artworks inspired by popular film genres like horror; videos feature simple narratives, archetypes like zombies or masked figures, magnificent landscapes, and local actors.
Recent exhibitions include:
Crystal Lake, video, photos, and drawings, at AxeNéo7 Gallery in Québec, Canada (2017). She received the King Family Bursary through the Georgia Bay Land Trust for production.

Valley of the Deer, a three-channel video, drawing installation, and augmented reality artwork at Clark Gallery in Montréal, Canada (2015). She also received the Glenfiddich Canadian Art Prize for production.

Undead in the Night, solo a collaborative performance with Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö, Sweden (2009).
She is a recipient of:
Arctic Circle Residency, Svalbard, Norway, 2017
International Artist’s Residency, Glenfiddich, Dufftown, Scotland, 2012
Workspace, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York City, 2007
Jillian McDonald Vimeo

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