Aviva Rahmani, Arts Center Residency 2019


Aviva Rahmani is a New York and Maine-based artist born in New York City. As an ecological artist, she analyzes environmental degradation to find and design solutions with art.
Her exhibitions include:
Mock Trial for The Blued Trees Symphony as Fellow of A Blade of Grass, Cardozo School of Law, NYC April 25, 2018
The Blued Trees Symphony installation, one-person show Perspective Gallery, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA 2016 Curated by Robin Scully
The Blued Trees project installation, “Message from Mars,” group show KRICT, Daejeon, South Korea 2017 Curated by Yu Hyunju.
She is a recipient of:
University of Georgia 2018
A Blade of Grass 2017-18, NY USA
KRICT, 2017 Daejeon, South Korea

BluedTrees_One_Note_VA_Photo_by_Robin_Scully Blued_Trees_Perspectives_VA_Tech Mock Trial for the Blued Trees Symphony. (Photo by Erik McGregor) Blued_Trees_KRICT_Daejeon_Korea
Detail of Blued Trees installation, Perspective Gallery, VA Tech University 2016 suspended translucent paper panels with text, suspended painted branches and immersive sound and 10 paper panels each - 60” x 36” hung from gallery ceiling. Gallery dimensions approximately: 75’ x 25’. Photo by Pippi Miller.