Join us on July 12 to celebrate the Summer Launch of Paths to Pier 42!


• Celebrate City of Water Day at Pier 42!

• Visit new art installations created by the 2014 artists working on the pier

• Participate in hands-on artmaking workshops with the artists

• Fish in the East River; join a fishing clinic with the LES Ecology Center

• Experience a performance with luciana achugar, a choreographer working with LMCC’s Arts East River Waterfront Initiative

• Be a Citizen Scientist; conduct fun science experiments with Two Bridges


• Hear live music by Metropolitan Klezmer; classic klezmer sounds and bold new interpretations

• Pack a picnic or sample food offerings from local food trucks

• Free! All are welcome!


July 12th, from 11:00am – 3:00pm
at Pier 42

Paths To Pier 42

Free Entry!

Summer launch begins (11:00am)

Opening Remarks (11:30am)

Meet the artists and designers, enjoy their installations and projects happening through November 2014 and participate in activities (all day):

Combo Colab & Sterotank: DrumReef 42: Come join the artists in bringing to life the urban reef by planting and discovering the diverse features and uses of this playful topography. Made out of multiple re-used plastic barrels, the drum-formation is a structure to climb, look out, rest, play and explore new connections to the river and the park.

Sonia Louise Davis The People’s Poster Project: Join the artist in a wheat-paste workshop for the first batch of portrait posters on Pier 42. Celebrate your LES neighbors and learn how you can participate in the project.

Takashi Horisaki Social Dress Lower East Side – Material Memories: Join the artist and our student team to learn the process of latex casting in a free sculptural workshop for LES communities. Bring your own memorable item from home to cast while sharing stories of these objects with each other.

Tattfoo Tan: NEPSK (New Earth Personal Survival Kit) workshop: Come and make your á la carte NEPSK. Survival Tins are a good little emergency kit that come in handy for many people who carry them on a daily basis. All supplies will be provided.

Chat Travieso with Yeju Choi On a Fence: Draw and write messages on the chalkboard wall, take respite on the seats, and have fun in the different play areas built into this interactive structure that inverts the function and meaning of the park’s north fence from a physical barrier to a place where people can come together.

Touch Tank with the Lower East Side Ecology Center (all day) Encounter river dwellers including mud crabs, sponges, and oysters in a touch tank.

All Day Be a Citizen Scientist! (all day) Conduct fun science experiments with Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

Live Music by Metropolitan Klezmer (1:00pm – 1:30pm)  Irresistible 21st century genre-blenders: Classic klezmer sounds and bold new interpretations.

Experience The Pleasure Project (2:00pm), a performance/public space intervention with luciana achugar, a choreographer working with LMCC’s Arts East River Waterfront Initiative

Participate in a Fishing Clinic with the Lower East Side Ecology Center (11:00am – 1:00pm): Take part in a catch-and-release fishing clinic, providing basic fishing instruction and other activities to explore the estuary. Kids under 15 must be accompanied by an adult for the Fishing Clinic.

Paths to Pier 42 brings neighborhood residents, artists, designers and community organizations together to activate a new park space on the Lower East Side Waterfront with collaborative installations and public events.