In this in-process showing, Extended Life participant vanessa anspaugh will share the beginning concepts of two pieces she is researching and developing. In A New, anspaugh is one of three contributing and performing collaborators, with aretha aoki and devynn emory. Sharing the roles between performer and choreographer equally, this dynamic trio is creating a new work through material just used in each of their evening-length works from 2014. In (Y)ours, anspaugh, with dramaturge Cassie Peterson creates a solo work choreographed by six different contemporary choreographers. Both pieces are collaborations and both address questions around authorship and sustainability of the individual artist. These works aim to muddle dominant modes of individualization, ownership, and privatization.

There will be no late seating at this event.



A first iteration of (Y)ours will be showing at Participant Gallery in October 2015.
Choreographed by vanessa anspaugh
Dramaturgy: Cassie Peterson

A New
Choreographed & Performed by: aretha aoki, vanessa anspaugh, and devynn emory


September 28 at 2:00pm,
LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island, Building 110

First-come, first-served