Join LMCC as The National Theater of the United States of America presents an Open Studio offering a glimpse of three theatrical works in development at LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island.

Projects include:

The Contrast: Originally written in 1787 by Royall Tylers, The Contrast is one of the earliest satires of American cultural identity.  Now, The National Theater of the United States of America radically reinterprets the play with 10 different companies/artists in a custom built colonial era playhouse.

Nostalgia Therapy: This piece is a participatory installation exploring perceptions of time travel as modes of relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation. Making use of vintage music and equipment and informed by neuroscience, Jonathan Jacobs a.k.a. the Vintage DJ, offers individual experiences of nostalgic release in a functioning spa environment.

Madame Lynch:  This new play by Normandy Sherwood is based on the true story of an Irish prostitute and self-declared “Empress of Paraguay” and her doomed project of bringing European high culture to the inhabitants of a country that neither understood nor desired what she offered.

July 26 at 2:00pm
LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island

Free, no RSVP required, but space is limited;  first-come, first-served